Museums & Community In Port Greville — May 2017

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This was from when I attended Museums & Community on May 25-26, 2017. It was at the Age of Sail Museum, and I stayed in Parrsboro. It was about community engagement, audience cultivation, event planning, and some disaster preparedness.

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I loved staying at the Sunshine Inn! I’m actually jealous because now they offered lunch & dinner instead of just breakfast. It looks so good D:

Museums 101 In Yarmouth — April 2017

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This was from when I was in Yarmouth on April 5-6, 2017. I took the Museums 101 course [which I passed!] that dealt with foundations and ethics. It was held in the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives.

I didn’t know then but the pain in my jaw, and the waking-up sweltering was because of the osteomyelitis** instead of just because I got chilled or ate something that agitated my TMD. An update is the initial accommodations did send me an invoice for cancelling after the deadline/not showing-up. I didn’t pay it, nor honestly could afford it because of the cost of where I did actually stay. I want to send the Yarmouth Comfort Inn something still for being so understanding and helpful during such a stressful time. Hopefully once things settle down I can afford to have a bouquet delivered!
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**Will be explained in a later post.


Welcome to my new website that I plan to use for various adventures I have.


As some that know me from elsewhere may know; I’m currently enrolled in a Museum Studies diploma program. Because the courses for it are offered by the Association of Nova Scotia Museums they are held all throughout the province. I took 3 courses last year, but due to illness I didn’t make blog posts or such during it. I have 2 this year if I can afford the trips, so I hope to record those better. I made some YouTube videos about last year’s however.

A lot of my social media is scattered around, so hopefully this will become a place to collect things together!